Samsung Galaxy Note10 256 GB 3500 mAh Black

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SM-N970F 16 cm (6.3″) Dual SIM Android 9.0 4G USB Type-C 8 GB

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Introducing next-level power For the entrepreneur, work is life. The Galaxy Note series phones are engineered for those Head-of-Everything type of people who need every aspect of their work and life integrated into their phone. Now Galaxy Note10 reach an entirely new level with power and performance packed into one device, making it the ultimate phone for entrepreneurs to achieve what other devices can – t. The power of defence-grade security Advances in technology allow you to be connected 24/7, but that non-stop connection comes with a higher risk of vulnerabilities. The Galaxy Note10 helps protect your sensitive data from malicious attacks and malware with its built-in defence mechanisms. And with professional tech support and enterprise device options, you’re set from the second you turn it on. Designed to protect your business The Samsung Knox platform is built into the device from the chip up, providing defence-grade mobile security to protect your data against various threats including malware. It also offers Secure Folder, a separate partition to isolate your most sensitive data. Enterprise control for devices in and out of office Installing a custom configuration on an office’s worth of devices is made easier with Knox Configure. For ongoing device management, including OS version upgrades, Knox Manage and E-FOTA offer simple and secure ways to manage your corporate devices wherever they are. Premium Technical Support for your business Mobile devices are essential to your business, and any downtime or inefficiencies equal loss in productivity. Enterprise Technical Support offers you direct access to our team of enterprise mobility experts. With Tier 3 support for Samsung hardware and software-related issues, your business can keep on running. The all-in-one work phone package The Galaxy Note10 Enterprise Edition supports complex business needs with efficiency. It comes with Knox Configure and Samsung E-FOTA on MDM services, and supports Security Maintenance Release and Guaranteed Market Availability. The Enterprise Edition devices bundle offers business efficiency with cost savings, and helps you easily set up an enterprise mobile ecosystem. The power of productivity As an entrepreneur, the ability to get down to business anytime, anywhere is imperative. Samsung DeX can support PC or Mac with one single USB cable to connect Galaxy Note10, giving you access to files and apps with multitasking capabilities.* *USB-C to HDMI cable and accessories sold separately. Opens a new desktop world on PC or Mac A single cable connects your phone to your PC or Mac*, allowing you to drag and drop files, copy and paste, and make edits between the two. You can even multitask both on the computer and on your phone, meaning you can make calls or take notes with S Pen on mobile, even while you’re connected. *USB-C to HDMI cable and accessories sold separately S Pen is now your remote control Control your phone with a press of the S Pen button or using simple gestures. You can navigate presentation slides, play videos, control the volume, adjust the camera zoom, or snap a photo. Enhanced Bluetooth technology lets you control your phone remotely via S Pen. *S Pen remote may function within 10 meters of device, subject to surroundings. *Air actions support may vary by app. Simply stay connected to your Galaxy phone on your PC Link to Windows syncs your recent photos, messages and notifications from your phone to your PC. And OneDrive supports to save, protect, back up, share and access your files from any of your devices, anywhere. *Compatibility and availability of functions and features may vary depending on app. Instantly turns handwriting into text Write in your own handwriting, changing ink colour and thickness or selecting your favourite pen styles in the new Samsung Notes app. Simply tap to turn your project notes into readable text you can copy, paste, and share. Whether you’re in a meeting or an idea just pops into your head, S Pen lets you write on anything you see on or offline, and then share it instantly. The power of performance and speed We live our lives on our phone. And when one phone contains both private life and work life, it needs to be powerful enough to handle both seamlessly. Built from the ground up to help entrepreneurs move forwards. The Galaxy Note10 is engineered to perform at incredible speed, with a powerful processor and RAM pairing, and massive storage space to keep all your important files on hand. And it connects your world with hyperfast speeds, going all day long with the upgraded battery capacity. Performs like a laptop, without the laptop The incredible combination of the 7nm processor and up to 12GB RAM gets your work done fast. It’s even intelligent enough to learn your mobile habits to preload frequently used apps, helping you work more efficiently. And with up to 1TB of storage when combined with a microSD card, you can keep your work on hand without running out of space. Power to make your day last longer With up to 3500mAh (typical) of battery power, Galaxy Note10 lasts as long as you do. And when you need a boost, plug it in knowing Super Fast Charging will bring your phone back to life quickly. And Wireless PowerShare enables you to give someone else a charge or power up your wearables while you charge your phone. Wireless PowerShare Pay your power forward without cables. Simply place your coworker’s phone or your Galaxy Buds on the back of the Galaxy Note10 to start reverse charging. Super Fast Charging Downtime is wasted time, so charging speeds now take less time. A fast charge gets you back to full productivity mode, ready for that late night brainstorm. Stream at the speed of your working day Intelligent Wi-Fi gets you connected faster, connecting reliably and securely even on public networks in a crowded area, like hotels or airports. When you’re not in Wi-Fi range, it seamlessly switches to LTE, which enables fast downloads and uninterrupted video conferencing calls.