Draytek V2865AC wireless router

£251.90 exc VAT

Gigabit Ethernet Dual-band (2.4 GHz / 5 GHz) 5G Grey

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The Ideal DSL Router with VPN for Small Business and Remote Working DrayTek – s Vigor 2865 series Multi-WAN Firewall VPN routers are ideal for Superfast VDSL Broadband and Ethernet-based FTTP Fibre Broadband. With Gigabit throughput, Quality of Service, VPN client/server, comprehensive Firewall and Content Filtering controls. Wi-Fi is available on – ac – models and the integrated 4G+ LTE modem on – Lac – models takes full advantage of mobile broadband. The Vigor 2865 series provides a reliable, flexible, and secure networking solution, that – s ideal for Home Offices, Small Business and Satellite Offices. VDSL and Ethernet Load Balancer Connect the Vigor 2865 to Superfast Fibre with the integrated VDSL modem. Use the Ethernet WAN with Cable and Ultrafast FTTP. Load Balance multiple connections to boost performance. Benefits: Fully utilise Fibre Broadband. High performance DSL & Gigabit CPE with flexible application. Integrated VoIP Telephone Ports Connect 2 analogue phones to VoIP with the ‘Vac’ model. Great VoIP features such as auto VoIP QoS and configurable SIP ALG improve the reliability and quality of VoIP calls. Benefits: All in one solution for Internet and Phone service. Great VoIP features. Packed With Features Take advantage of DrayTek – s rich feature set and useful functionality such as Quality of Service, Route Policy, Hotspot Web Portal, VPN Matcher, DrayDDNS and more. Benefits: Advanced DrayTek router functionality solves many complex networking issues. Robust SMB VPN Router Quickly and securely connect remote sites with up to 32 VPN tunnels. Enable remote workers to access resources with DrayTek SSL VPN and OpenVPN support. Benefits: Securely encrypt network access for remote workers and working from home. 5+1 Gigabit LAN Ports with VLANs Link Server, Computers, and Network Attached Storage directly, with up to 6 Gigabit LAN ports. VLANs allow for as many as 8 separate networks, with options for Hotspot Captive Portal. Benefits: Improve quality of service for private and guest data traffic. Connect more devices. VigorACS Central Management The Vigor 2865 can be fully managed and configured remotely with the VigorACS central management platform. Manage DrayTek networks spanning multiple sites. Benefits: Save time and money. Provision, manage and monitor remote sites easily, without on-site IT or dedicated staff.