D-Link DIR-X1560 wireless router

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The future is unstoppable, your Wi-Fi should be too. Wi-Fi 6 brings next-generation Wi-Fi technology into your home, giving the quantum leap in capacity, speed and range you need to handle all your Wi-Fi demands. Perfect for high-performance, device-dense smart homes. Next-Generation Speeds The latest Wi-Fi 6 technology for blazing-fast Wi-Fi Enhanced Parental Controls Assigned devices to profiles for better control over Wi-Fi access OFDMA Increased efficiency and lower latency for small data packets MU-MIMO Data to and from more devices at once Extended Coverage Signals reach further throughout your home 128-bit Wireless Encryption The latest in Wi-Fi encryption Test Internet Speed Built-in internet test powered by Ookla – to check your connection uplink and downlink speeds Voice Control Works with the Google Assistant and Alexa Next-Generation Speeds Experience up to AX1500 speeds while 1024-QAM boosts throughput to devices by up to 25% with 80 MHz contiguous channel width giving even more bandwidth. Up to 4 simultaneous streams let you enjoy faster, more enjoyable 4K streaming, online gaming and more. For wired devices, 4 Gigabit LAN ports give you faster wired connectivity whenever you wish, and a Gigabit WAN port is ready to handle high-speed broadband connections. Connect More, Congest Less with OFDMA The DIR-X1560 uses Wi-Fi 6 – s cutting-edge Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access (OFDMA) technology. Small data packets destined for multiple devices are transmitted together and never have to queue up again. Perfect for Smart Homes filled with bandwidth-hungry IoT devices battling for bandwidth. MU-MIMO MU-MIMO technology helps distribute the flow of data to multiple devices simultaneously. With Wi-Fi 6 technology the DIR-X1560 leverages OFDMA and MU-MIMO for better efficiency of upstream AND downstream transmissions, unlike previous Wi-Fi 5 technology where MU-MIMO could only operate in downstream transmissions. This combination greatly increases capacity, coverage and performance especially in ultra-high-density environments. Real-world Scenarios, Real-world Results We put the DIR-X1560 to the test against our nearest competitors and the results speak for themselves. The DIR-X1560 outperformed our nearest competitor with consistently faster download speeds over greater distances, everytime. Extended Coverage, Reduced Interference High-gain antennas, built-in power amplifiers and beamforming technology allow the DIR-X1560 to extend the reach of your Wi-Fi and focus a stronger signal in the direction of your devices to ensure a stronger, faster and more reliable Wi-Fi experience. Meanwhile a long OFDM symbol ensures even greater Wi-Fi range, especially outside the home. The Future of Wireless Encryption One of the biggest concerns with IoT devices and Wi-Fi networks is privacy. The latest industry-standard 128-bit encryption is the most advanced security standard available and begins a new era of wireless encryption, ensuring greater privacy throughout users – devices and networks. The Future of Wireless Encryption Latest 128-bit encryption will replace previous industry-standard encryptions on Wi-Fi devices Stronger Encryption Algorithm Creates stronger and more unique encryption keys for each device Enhanced Protection from Brute Force Attacks Stronger protection for users against password guessing attempts Individualized Data Encryption Creates stronger and more unique encryption keys for each device Forward Secrecy Cannot use a cracked password to decrypt previously-intercepted traffic Futureproof and Compatible D-Link routers will not be the ones holding your network back with previous encryption protocols. Conserve Energy, Save Battery Life Target Wake Time (TWT) helps reduce battery consumption for connected devices by communicating with them and deciding when and how often the device requires data transfers. TWT increases the device – s sleep time, therefore cleverly conserving energy and helping save battery life. Always Up-To-Date Firmware upgrades can be a pain, but with the DIR-X1560, they are completely automated. Upgrades are so smooth, you won – t even notice them. On top of that, the DIR-X1560 – s Dual Image functionality saves a recovery image as a backup before an upgrade. So, in the unlikely event an upgrade fails, the system has your pre-existing configuration to fall back on. Virtual Private Networking Your Way The DIR-X1560 – s VPN Wizard lets you configure LAN-to-LAN and remote access VPN connections while its built-in passthrough feature also allows any devices connected to the router to establish outbound VPN connections. True Internet Speeds Without the Guesswork Tired of internet speeds that do not live up to your ISP – s claims – The DIR-X1560 – s integrated Internet Test lets you measure the true speed of your Router-to-ISP connection with the D-Link Wi-Fi app. WORKS WITH THE GOOGLE ASSISTANT AND ALEXA Turn on/off your guest Wi-Fi, ask for your guest Wi-Fi credentials, reboot your router or update your firmware. Do it ALL hands-free using voice commands. Just speak the words of command to your Google Assistant or Alexa, and the router bends your smart home Wi-Fi to your will (without you having to lift a finger). Perfect for when you – ve got your hands full entertaining guests or just want to wow them with your smart Wi-Fi.